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Ford Fiesta: Ken Block’s Car

One of the most inspirational rally drivers, Ken Block, whose closest finish in any race was as a runner-up in an American championship a few years ago, has a new automotive, the Ford Fiesta. The vehicle was to debut at an Illinois motor show in the current year. It has the full features of Ford’s new release that is hitting the stores in 2014. The rally driver’s model is a mixture of his car maker’s signature features with engine-tuning appendages from a collaborator. The following are the external and interior specifications of this racing vehicle.

The External Features
Ken Block’s car has these external features:
A hatch-back door style thus adding extra convenience for the co-driver.
A sizable passenger compartment at the back.
Powerful lighting parts including the front and tail lights.
Ken Block’s car has his colors on a dark metallic hull, with the name ‘Block’ appearing next to the American flag on one of the passenger auto glasses. A pictorial view of the original vehicle’s hull shows a car in a bright golden hue with hatchback doors on the sides.

Interior Features
The following are the engine parts and other internal specifications of this model:
An eco-boost engine that has an output of 197 horsepower and 214 Ibs torque.
A 6-velocity transmission, illustrating that this vehicle has a powerful gear system.
It also features a superior exhaust system that derives its specifications from Ford’s racing parts.
An interior pictorial view shows the rally driver’s name superimposed on the front dashboard.

Other Upgraded Features
Apart form the main onboard and external parts, ken Blocks’ car has parts that have undergone upgrading. These include the following major mentions:
An Engine Control Unit (ECU) that has received tuning from a parts’ provider.
There is a Mountune intercooler that improves the speed and efficiency of the vehicle.
The quadruple-piston front braking system comes from an external collaborator with Ford, thus increasing the versatility of the brand.

Thus, as Ken Block’s car hits the road in the next race that he will feature in, it will be a great way to gauge the performance of this brand new vehicle. Because the ECU and other features are upgrades of the previous dynamic racing autos from one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, then this promises to be one of the rally driver’s finest hours. The promise of extra performance by the vehicle also emanates from the fact that it has borrowed some engine-tuning and other features from collaborators in the automotive industry.

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