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Car Body Types

When you’re looking to buy a car, the first thing that you should consider is what body type the car is going to be. The types of car bodies that you can get vary from a tiny coupe to a huge pickup. Some types are going to be better for certain things or certain people.

Different Type of Cars


Now this makes you think, what car body types are going to be best for you?

Type of Cars with Examples


The main car body types are listed below:

What does coupe mean?

Coupes and convertibles are on the smaller side but are definitely pleasing to look at. Convertibles have a retractable hood and have a little more room than coupes. Coupes typically have two doors and very limited or non-existent back seat space. Their similarities lie in their size and their lack of safety features. The high speeds these cars can reach can be dangerous when combined with their size and lack of safety features. These cars are recommended to very experienced drivers who admire style and speed.

What does sedan mean?

Sedans are probably the most well rounded of all the car body types. They tend to have excellent safety features, plenty of room, and luxuries that you will not typically find in other models. They comfortably fit five people while still having a nicely sized trunk. What attracts many to sedans are the luxuries that you can get. Climate control, automatic starts, music interfaces, and heated seats are just some examples of the features available. Make sure to keep your eye out for a feature that you would enjoy having.

What does hatchback mean?

Now you have your hatchbacks and your wagons. Both of them have a rear door that swings up in order to access the cargo area in the back. This cargo area is not closed off and is also accessible from the inside of the car. The difference between the two is that wagons tend to have an elongated back that can be used for additional storage or another row of seats. They’re both great if you or the people in your backseat need access to the storage area. So if you’re going on road trips and the snacks are in back, wagons or hatchbacks are perfect!

What does SUV mean in cars?

SUVs are a great combination of size, safety, and style. They work well in bad weather conditions, have great crash test ratings, and can fit up to eight people. If you have small children or live in an area with bad weather conditions, an SUV would be perfect for you.

All the different types of car bodies can really make purchasing your vehicle a difficult task. The best thing to do is to look at each type and think about which one fits your lifestyle best.

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