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Cool Stanced Scion FR-S from Minsk, Belarus

1. Screw Pendant BC Racing Super Low 2. The rear leverage regulatory convergence 3. Discs XXR 527. 18h9.75 is 20. Rubber Falken 215/40 18 4. Cold inlet FA20 Club 5. Exhaust HKS Premium Legamax 6. Transparent reflectors 7. The front ...

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Scion iQ Pit Boss

The project was called Scion iQ Pit Boss and more than a radical departure from the standard car , which is based on the compact Toyota iQ. The car has got air suspension , brakes Wilwood, safety cage behind the ...

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What is a Hatchback?

A hatchback type of car has its body configured in a way that it has a rear door that swings in an upward manner to open and provide access to the cargo area, unlike its traditionally compared to sedan that ...

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The Most Hipster Cars in the World

Shaggy beard and glasses without diopters badly stuffed with tattoos. Here are a few signs by which you can easily recognize the hipster. But what is the real hipsters prefer to move? Choosing a car, probably a lot harder for the ...

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