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Chrysler Valiant Charger

Muscle cars weren’t just reserved for American car enthusiasts; Australia had a similar scene of its own. While car makers like Holden, Ford and Chrysler didn’t offer Australian buyers the same choice – or the crazy levels of power – ...

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1970 Monteverdi Hai 450 SS Specs and Price

In the class of prototype cars, the 1970 Monteverdi Hai 450 SS is nearly one of a kind. At the Geneva auto show in 1970, the Monteverdi was introduced as a competitor for Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. With a magenta ...

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The Most Popular Russian Cars

Russian car brands may not feature in many car enthusiasts top ten lists of car manufacturers, but Russian vehicles a still a force to be reckoned with. Most brands of Russian cars were developed solely for the domestic market, so ...

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What Does Suv Stand For?

If you have ever wondered, what does SUV mean, this should provide the answers you have been looking for. SUV is a type of car body. Is a bit of a cross between a truck and a jeep, or a ...

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