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Audi 100 S Coupe

Years before Audi became part of the mainstream, it built cars that were discreet, sporting and better built than pretty much anything else made outside Germany. It built those cars in small numbers, but that didn’t stop them from being ...

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Audi Sport Quattro ‘1984 Specifications

1984 AUDI Quattro Sport technical characteristics Years of Production 1984 – 1986 1984 AUDI Quattro Sport engine Engine type 5 inline Materials Light-alloy / Cast iron Valves per cyl 5 Distribution DOHC Fuel injection / Ignition system Bosch L-Jetronic electronic ...

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ADV.1 Wheels Audi RS6 Avant

Engine An innovative 4-litre V8 TFSI® engine sets the RS 6 Avant apart – and keeps it there. That’s because it features Le Mans-winning fuel-injection technology, which enhances fuel efficiency, power and torque. But this unit is capable of more ...

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