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What to Know About Window Tinting

Window tinting  sure looks great when professionally done. It adds a nice, streamlined look to the vehicle and reduces the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle, but are there other perks to window tint? Of course, and understanding these perks ...

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How much does it cost to wrap a car?

Figuring out the cost to wrap a car in a solid color is a complicated process. Solid wraps are much more difficult than full color wraps when trying to making the wrap look clean. The reason for this is that ...

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What Does Suv Stand For?

If you have ever wondered, what does SUV mean, this should provide the answers you have been looking for. SUV is a type of car body. Is a bit of a cross between a truck and a jeep, or a ...

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What is a Hatchback?

A hatchback type of car has its body configured in a way that it has a rear door that swings in an upward manner to open and provide access to the cargo area, unlike its traditionally compared to sedan that ...

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What you should know about hybrid cars

A hybrid means a combination of two different things to form one major item. In the auto world, Hybrid cars are vehicles that use two power trains, i.e. electric motor and gasoline engine. Hybrid cars are have become increasingly popular ...

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