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Reasons to Have a CB Radio in Your Car

CB radios probably feel like ancient technology to most people. And in some ways they are pretty old-school. But all that means is that they don’t rely on a lot of modern, fancy technology in order to work properly. Your smartphone is only smart as long as you have a cell phone tower within range. But CB radios are inexpensive and they work just about anywhere. They offer certain securities that you just can’t get with other modern equipment.

Always in Touch

 If you like road trips, live in a remote area, or travel through remote areas, you know how inconsistent cell phone coverage can be. Even in the middle of cities you can have pockets of inconsistent cell coverage, so you can imagine how bad it is when you get out into rural areas. And of course, when you’re in a rural or remote place, on a road where nobody else is going to drive by for a long time, that’s when you need to be able to call for help. No cell connection means no means to call for help.

CB radios work everywhere. Channel 9 is designated for emergencies, so you can quickly hop on the radio and ask for assistance. Channel 9 is monitored full time throughout the country by local first responders, emergency services, or volunteers.

You can also get the basic information that you need from a CB radio. National Weather Radio has frequencies that have continuos weather and emergency alerts in every state. Any risks along your route will be broadcast on the local CB National Weather Radio frequency.


  For people who enjoy traveling off-road, a CB radio is indispensable. You can connect with other members of your group and keep everyone informed of location and route information. It’s like a walkie-talkie that always stays in range.

Cheap Technology

 And because CB radios are so inexpensive to purchase and install, it really makes sense to have a CB radio of your own. You’ll need the antenna and the radio, and your expenses are done. From then on, you’ll always be connected to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, cell phones cost you money every single month.

CB radios offer great benefits, basic services and information, and don’t cost much money. They really do keep you safer, no matter what.

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