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BMW 3200 CS Coupe ’62 Price and Specs

The BMW 3200 CS Coupe ’62 is a sports grand tourer vehicles that used a two-door coupe style. The 1962 release is the first from the company, although the 3200 CS only lasted for three years and just 603 were ever built. The BMW 3200 CS Coupe ’62 introduced fans of the BMW to the final version of the company’s postwar luxury platform. By the middle of the 1960s, the company shifted gears and looked towards newer designs.


As the BMW 3200 CS Coupe ’62 became the last of its for postwar luxury sedans, it represented the last model from BMW to include several features, including pushrod operated engine valves, perimeter frame and also a solid rear axle.

the BMW 3200 CS Coupe ’62 used a four-speed manual transmission, capable of producing 160 horsepower while using a larger BMW OHV V8 engine. There is also a rather difficult to find 3200 CS convertible. It is unknown exactly how many of this particular model ever was released, as BMW constructed the convertible only for major shareholders of the company. Due to this, it is an especially rare collectors item and one that is specifically sought after, due to both the historical significance and the rarity of the vehicle itself.

BMW 3200 Coupe CS 1962 Interior