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Best Racing Games ever for iPhone

There are many racing games that are available for iPhone. The app store in your phone will contain many games but you may not be sure on which ones to choose. Some of these apps are free to download while others come at a cost. It will take you hours to search for the game that you want to download from the list. You can drastically reduce the time you will spend searching for your best game if you know its name. Here is a list of the best racing games ever for IPhone that you can download.

Asphalt 7: Heat


This is one of the best racing games app you should have in your phone. The real time reflection on car feature will enable you to view the roadside while racing. You will also be able to check the racing competition using the mini map that comes with the app. Asphalt 6 also comes with great control features such as texture filtering that will make your racing experience memorable and exciting. The only shortcoming with this app is that, it comes at a small cost.

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit


This app will enable you to race up to about 20 cars. This list can include 15 cop cars. One of the most exciting things with this game is that it provides an HD display. You can also connect with your friends via Wi-Fi and challenge each other.

Real Racing 3

real racing 3

This is another exciting app for iPhones. The app provides a wide range of tracks that will offer you the best racing experience ever. You can connect several players using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and challenge each other. You can also directly purchase credit packs directly from the game. One of the major advantages of this app is that, it is available for free.

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