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How to build a good sound system in your car

The ideal car sound system does not have to be an expensive one. A good sound system for your car is one that meets your requirements and has all the things you want. A car sound system includes some basic sound components. You should consider the source of these components. Ensure you get the best head unit from the source/ manufacturer. The first step towards getting a good sound system for your car is to decide the type of system you would prefer. Would you prefer a system that transforms your music to sound like you are in a live concert or one that blasts out loud or better still one that can fulfill both tasks. Having a goal in mind saves you money and time.

Steps to build a good sound system in your car

Change your car speakers
You can change your car speakers manually without having to pay an electrician. Speakers are among the last things that a manufacturer thinks about when putting together a car. Though these systems have improved in the past years, the speakers and amps that are used are still low quality. Therefore, you should consider the size of the speaker, mounting location, shape and necessary power levels that your car can handle. Go for a speaker that fits properly in your car. Consider the rear, front and center speakers for a complete sound system. OEM systems utilize full range speakers meaning that every speaker has its own drivers responsible for producing low, medium and high tunes. Premium aftermarket speakers are made from high quality materials and have a better design. They mainly have rubber surroundings that last longer and boost high quality bass delivery.

Add a good amplifier
An amplifier is used to transform low level music from a radio or any other source unit to high level signals that drive loudspeakers. They are classified in power from about twenty to one thousand watts per single channel. Their price range is between 50 dollars to thousands of dollars. The price is determined by the features, power levels and quality as well. An amplifier can have 1 to 8 channels simultaneously. When purchasing an amplifier, ensure that the power ratings are not equal. Consider external amplifiers that have more power since you are able to balance the bass, high and mid range frequencies. You may also consider a separate amp for your sub-woofer. Finally, ensure that you use the fattest amplifier wires that you can afford.

Add a sub-woofer
Sub-woofers upgrade your amplifier. Different sub-woofers require recommended power voltages to operate efficiently. To boost the sound system of your car, ensure that you select an amplifier that can operate efficiently at your sub-woofers highest wattage. Sub-woofers require more power as compared to speakers. Therefore, it would be advisable to purchase an enclosure designed specifically for your car model. Sub-woofer models are based on woofer size and type of vehicle. Use a sound deadening material around the exposed metal. This material assists in reducing exterior noise and controls rattles that are caused by powerful sub-woofers.

Add a good signal equalizer
Adding a signal equalizer is the final step in installing a good sound system in your car. An equalizer allows you to adjust the sound that is fed to your speakers and also gives room for compensation of deficiencies in your speakers frequency response or any other audio shortcoming that may affect your sound system. Equalizers are sophisticated tone control units that are available in different forms like trunk and dash mount units that either possess parametric, quasi-parametric or graphic processing capabilities. An equalizer should be set only once to prevent acoustic car problems and should be adjusted periodically to when tuning. Avoid frequency overdue boosting and try your best to cut a current frequency rather than boosting another one.

Installing a new sound system in your car can be tricky. However, if you have the right tools, patience and knowledge of the required electronics, it can be easy. If this is not the case, you could hire a professional to do the work for you. It is important to consider the effect installing sound system in your car may have on your warranty through consulting a reliable car dealer.

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