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Manual: How to remove Plasti dip

Today you can change the original color of your car without any problems, using Plasti-Dip. This inexpensive easy-to-use spray is available to everyone. It will help you to make your car look different. Moreover, it`s not so difficult to remove the plastic film, but there are some nuances.  As you will find out, you won`t be able to remove this product by just grabbing an edge and peeling it off.

We are going to provide you with some tips that will be useful when you decide to return the original color of your car. So how can you remove Plasti-Dip from your car?

Apply several layers of Plasti-Dip during application

Several layers of plastic film will provide the best finish. And this will make the Plasti-Dip removal process much easier. When applying Plasti-Dip, it`s better to cover the surface with 2-5 layers to make it completely even. Each layer has to be dried for at least 40 minutes or even longer. After you have applied Plasti-Dip, don`t touch the surface for at least 4 hours. Don`t forget that it`s better to choose a day when you`re free. Light wind, low humidity and not much direct sunlight will suit the best. The temperature should be 65-70˚.

Grab plastic film and peel it off slowly

When you decide to remove the plasti dip film, try to pull it slowly in order not to damage the finish beneath. If you make Plasti-Dip come off too fast, this may cause tears, which will complicate the working process.

Rub plastic film with a textured cloth

You can use a microfiber or a terry cloth to remove the bits that are stuck in crevices. You`ll have to make some endeavor. So, begin scrubbing. This method will help you to get rid of Plasti-Dip small pieces.


Mild solvent


If you don`t manage to remove plasti dip film with a rag, try to use some gentle solvent as a Plasti-Dip remover. These may be Goo Gone, bug-and-tar remover or even tire shine spray.

You can also use WD-40, if you remove plasti dip far from the calipers or brakes. Spray it onto the product and leave for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, try to wipe Plasti-Dip off with a cloth. But be sure to remove any WD-40 residues.

Big guns in case nothing else works


If all else fails, you can try to remove plasti dip with stronger solvents. These may be brake cleaner, diluted paint thinner or aircraft remover. They are not going to make any harm to the finish. But use these solvents only in a well-ventilated place where there is no risk of ignition.

If nothing is efficient, a blast with a heat gun or with a pressure washer may provide assistance.

We hope, these 5 secrets will be useful for you and you won`t face any problems while removing Plasti-Dip.