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What is RaceLogic Driftbox?

Drifting has becomes a sport in some countries as well as the star feature of various movies such as Tokyo Drift. Drifting is the art of forcing your car into oversteer and then maintaining control from the start of the corner to the end of the corner with the car sliding at an angle. A successful drift is measured by the rear slip angle being larger than the front slip angle.

What is a Driftbox?

A driftbox is a tool that drifters can use to monitor their drifts. It measures the current angle, max angle as well as current speed. It also measures the amount of g-force that is imposed on the car as it drifts around a corner. The RaceLogic driftbox also has lap and split timings and measures the distance traveled. It is the ultimate tool for a drifter to have to monitor everything that is happening while in a drift. Using a driftbox can allow people to be competitive; measuring your performance along a corner and comparing it to another driver’s performance.

Why Use the RaceLogic Driftbox?

If you are looking for an all in one driftbox, then buy RaceLogic Driftbox. It is able to store your data on a memory card for you to be able to track your performance over a longer period of time. For fans of the racing games such as Need for Speed, the RaceLogic Driftbox has a built in calculator that uses the data collected to formulate a performance score for each drift. The score is judged on a scale of one to ten. The way the machine works is through a GPS system. It tracks your car with the GPS system to calculate all the data such as velocity, angle and g-force.

The Racelogic Driftbox also comes with a beginner’s manual to help drivers who are just starting out to perform such techniques as the “Scandinavian flick” and the “clutch kick”. The capabilities of the driftbox are not limited to just drifting; it also works as an excellent straight line speed recorder and it can keep track of lap times.

When the RaceLogic Driftbox is compared to other high-end performance tools, it gives identical readings and it only lacks the braking performance measurement. Apart from the braking measurement, it is as good as any another driftbox which could cost up to $10,000. It is a great tool for any drifting fan.

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