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What is JDM?

You have probably heard people talking about JDM cars, and JDM parts and accessories, but do you know what JDM is and the initials JDM stands for?

What does JDM stand for in factory produces cars?

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and the term is used for vehicles and parts that have been manufactured solely for the Japanese domestic market and not for the export market. So, now you know what JDM stands for, you are probably asking yourself what is a JDM car, or a JDM auto part, and why is it any different from a standard Japanese car or part that you can buy in your own country.

The Japanese car market is very different to that of the US, or Europe. In Japan, they have some very strict rules about motor vehicle inspections, which mean that, the longer you own a car, the more expensive it becomes to maintain. That means that Japanese car buyers are looking for innovative cars with leading edge technology, rather than reliable workhorses that will last for years and years, and take you for comfortable long distance cruises down a freeway. The average Japanese motorist also does about half the annual mileage that the average American driver will do and much of that mileage is over hilly and winding roads. That means that Japanese motorists want higher performance cars with better handling.

Japanese car manufacturers have responded to this domestic need by producing JDM cars that are very different from the same models of cars that they produce for export. Typically, when you see it outside of Japan, you can assume that what JDM stands for is a harder suspension, better throttle response, the very latest technology and, quite often, a much better engine. Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), for example, was available on JDM cars five years earlier than it was available on cars made for export.

What does JDM stand for in modified cars?

If you are wondering what is JDM in the context of modified cars, then that’s a different story again! What is JDM? Well, it’s not a rice car! JDM is a subtle and sophisticated style, much in line with the original styling of the car that was produced for the Japanese market and, where possible using real JDM parts. Because the Japanese motorists don’t do so many miles and they don’t keep their cars for so long, you can pick up a high spec JDM engine, for example, for a fraction of the price of the equivalent engine that has been made specifically for the export market. Many people think that JDM parts and accessories, such as headlamps and trim, look a lot more stylish than the export versions, and they can also be easily fitted straight onto to an export model of the same car.

Rice cars, on the other hand, are typically cars with oversized spoilers and air intakes, and under-car neon lights that would blind the innocent passer-by! JDM stands for a more sophisticated, cool looking car with a high performance engine. What does JDM stand for? It stands for what the Japanese motor enthusiasts really do to their own cars. They are clean, sleek and fast.

Are there any downsides to JDM?

The upside to JDM are that the car is powerful, high performance, it looks great, and it will make your car stand out from the regular export versions of the same model of car. One of the downsides, however, is that all of those great features mean that it is also a target for car thieves, so insurance premiums will be higher.

The other potential problem with JDM cars, and JDM accessories like headlamps, is that the Japanese drive on the left hand side of the road. You would need to be careful about installing JDM headlamps on a car in America, because the light will be focused on the middle of the road, rather than the side of the road.

You also need to be careful where you buy your JDM parts, because the term JDM is often used as a cover for people selling stolen parts because it is very difficult to prove if a JDM part has been stolen, or imported through the proper channels.

What is JDM and why is it so popular?

JDM cars are smart, sleek, powerful, and, because of the way that the Japanese Domestic market is geared, you can get a low mileage used vehicles in almost showroom pristine condition that will stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a JDM enthusiast looking for something a little bit special, or a regular car buyer looking for a good deal on a used car, the JDM market will undoubtedly have something to interest you.