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What is DVR and why do we need it?

Rather, each owner of the vehicle had to deal with a situation where he must correctly identify the cause of an accident. In order to protect yourself from conflict situations, misconduct on the part of the State Automobile Inspection and just save time and nerves, more drivers in their cars set the DVR (drive video recorder) or surveillance cameras. These DVRs provide the ability to record video of events, both: inside and outside the car.

Recorders were born, as the discharge of technical devices relatively recently. Lets try to find out together what surveillance cameras are and for what we need drive recorder at all.

dvr2So, digital car video recorder – a device that is often installed in a car, its main function is a continuous record of each and every occurring accident on the road. Each frame of video is marked time (when it was captured.) These videos are documentary evidence of certain events that took place on the road. It should be noted that the video, made by this device, has great weight in court.

With all the diversity of DVRs, which are issued to date, there are two broad classes: domestic and professional.The standard model of professional DVR usually has several additional external microphones and video cameras, information from which is recorded electronically on a hard drive or flash memory. Most current models of devices can have GPS module or GPRS modem, which greatly expand the use of video recorders.


In return, home surveillance camera is much cheaper, although the functional set of these devices is much easier. Standard configuration of the DVR typically consists of a microphone, accelerometer, and one or two cameras and flash memory cards that are in solid plastic case. Thanks to their simple implementation, domestic video recorders are installed in minutes and do not require the special skills or knowledge.

Separately, it will be useful to focus on functional features, such as the number of cameras, included  into DVR. In principle, the more of them – the better, and this criterion should pay special attention, when choosing car surveillance camera. The experience of many vehicle owners who use the DVR, the best option is to have three cameras. With this structure, one camera captures events that occur in front of the car, the second – what is happening in the cabin of the vehicle, and the third – the events behind the car.

Concerning setting of surveillance camera, so it can do even a child or a student of a junior class, because this device is often charged by means of an ordinary cigarette lighter. However, there are  number of models of automobile registrars, which are switched to the wiring of the car, these devices are established by specialized repair shops.

Also, car video recorder can be easily used in houses, offices, shops, or, say, at your summer home, in fact, the device is a simple and cost-effective surveillance system. Besides, in addition to the flash-card, you can use an ordinary hard drive to record and store videos.


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