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What is a GoPro?

A common question being asked is, “what is GoPro?” the answer is quite simple. GoPro is a high definition camera that is most commonly used for photography in extreme sports, or action videos. Generally classified as a personal camera, the GoPro can give high resolution action shots anywhere and at anytime.
The camera is extremely lightweight, and incredibly simple to use. Which is helpful when trying to take those split second action shots. The GoPro does not have an LED screen on the back, but on the front is a small screen which shows the mode the camera is in. If a LED screen is a necessity, one can be purchased separately. Along with the camera’s mode, users can also see how much video time has been recorded, and how much battery life is left. Two buttons control most of the cameras functions, one to turn it on, and one to start recording.

The GoPro camera comes in waterproof housing, so underwater shots are never a problem. Several different mounts are also available including,
*suction cup mounts
* helmet mounts
* chest mounts
* handlebar mounts
* flexible mounts
* junior mounts
This camera is incredibly versatile and can go basically everywhere with little to no problems.

For anyone who has ever wondered how those great action shots are taken, chances are they were taken with a GoPro camera. While these cameras will not replace a HD recorder, there are no viewfinders on these cameras. It is basically a point and shoot camera while hoping for the best, which means for small, low key occasions a camcorder is still best. If it is an action party, at the beach or amusement park, then the GoPro is the perfect camera to take. Another concern with these cameras is that the audio quality is quite low. Some sound will be caught, but they will not catch the same audio as a HD recorder.

Dreaming of taking action shots from a moving car? With GoPros suction mounts it is easy. The camera can be mounted to any car’s window or even the car’s outer body. Using GoPro in car is exciting and fun, and the possibilities are endless. Try mounting the camera between the front seats, facing out the back window. This is a great way to record a scenic journal. For fast moving forward shots, the suction cup mount can be placed in front of the car’s grille. Placing the mount in the grille also helps give the action videos that little extra burst of speed.
Other options for the GoPro’s suction cup mount include using any of the car’s outside body surface. The suction cups are strong enough to endure almost any terrain without danger of falling. For added versatility, the GoPro camera can be used with a flexible mount. The tough, bendable arm on the mount allows for any angle, and is durable enough to withstand high speeds and rough roads.

For those that have the need to record everything that happens while driving, a GoPro camera can be mounted to the dashboard of any car. Simply drill into the camera’s waterproof casing, this will allow the USB charging port inside the camera to be plugged into a 12 volt adapter. The suction cup mount will hold the camera in place, so a constant action video can be recorded in the front of any car.

Becoming a part of the world of high octane photography is easy with a GoPro camera, and now there is even an App for them. The GoPro App can now be downloaded to any tablet or Smartphone. This App allows the user to remotely control the camera. Videos can now be downloaded and shared instantly on any of the media sharing websites.

GoPro is quickly becoming the name in action photography. Lightweight, and extremely versatile, this camera can go everywhere. Imagine shots while surfing, or following a race car around the track. The GoPro camera has done that. Retailing for around $200 and up, the little camera is everywhere. Even in Hollywood, directors are stacking up on these cameras. So strap on a GoPro, anywhere, and set off on the next great adventure. The GoPro will capture every exciting moment, no matter where it is.

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