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Using a iPad as a CarPC

The advent of tablets has brought with it numerous challenges for those who wish to incorporate them into their everyday lives. Car owners and enthusiasts feel as though they are the most affected, especially since the onboard car touch-screen systems do not work to their liking. Enter the iPad car dash kit.

The iPad is a piece of technological marvel that has revolutionized the lives of thousands across the globe. Its portability has made it a valuable companion for those seeking alternatives to their desktop PCs. This trend is carried further into motor vehicles. Most car owners bulk at the price of the onboard computer systems installed in their vehicles. They would rather have a system or a kit that dealt with the basic needs of a driver at the touch of a button on the car dash. These basic needs include a music system controller and media files storage hard disk drive, a reliable touch-screen car display, a GPS system, and Bluetooth for wireless communication. The iPad makes a mockery of the onboard car dash display with its 7.5-inch touch-sensitive screen, with a terrain-based GPS navigation system, music and video storage capabilities and internet connectivity.

The problem, however, is mounting the iPad within the car in a position that you – as the driver – can use without impairing your ability to drive your vehicle safely or putting other drivers at risk. Another problem with having the iPad in the car is the fact that it is not a significant improvement on the music stereo. Its audio quality is in fact worse than what the car radio kit produces without extra modifications. The third problem deals with the navigation system – which can only work using an internet connection – and thus, a contract with one of the telephone companies will be necessary to power the iPad’s GPS. Another problem is security. No one wants to leave their expensive iPad in their car unattended. It is a crime waiting to happen. The last problem is the price. At $600 plus, there is no significant change in price in having an iPad as an alternative to purchasing the car’s onboard system. In fact, the iPad is more expensive to incorporate into the car.

With that being said, the iPad is still a great option to add to the car. Its large screen is easier to use. Once a mount is found for the iPad on your dash, an Igep V2 cable can be purchased to connect the iPad to the internet via Wi-Fi. When all this is done, the iPad can be configured to use the GPS system, the voice recognition software, real-time traffic updates, media content streaming services through radio apps like Pandora, address books, calendars, location apps for finding the nearest restaurants and a VoIP calling service in times of emergencies. Overall, the iPad can be configured to all your preferred options thereby enhancing your car travelling experience.

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