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Town and Country Vs Grand Caravan

Minivans have always been very popular for the simple reason that they can carry more passengers and luggage as compared to the ordinary salon or sedan. Because many families have more than 4 members, the minivan is often a preferred choice of family car because it easily seats up to 7 passengers. It is no wonder every car manufacturer round the world is keen on having at least a minivan in its fleet of vehicles in the market. The grand caravan is a popular choice that has stood out over time. The town and country is another with similar reputation.

Town and Country Vs Grand Caravan Comparison

Even more interesting is the similarity between Town and Country Vs Grand Caravan. Besides having a passenger capacity of 7, both designs have a body shape that looks very similar to the other. Looking at both models from a distance, you would be forgiven for thinking they are designs from a single maker. To get a clear understanding of their similarities and differences, it is prudent to look at the technical specifications and the accessories that each car has to offer. The dodge grand caravan especially stands out for the fold away seats that is a common feature in almost all their models. The Chrysler town and country also has occasional fold away seats in some models but what stands out most prominently are the designs of chairs that look more like those of some common air crafts.

Choices may also vary significantly depending on the exact attention that the original owner actually has in mind. Looking at the Town and Country Vs Grand Caravan Chrysler also reveals that both minivans have certain accessories that are unique to each of them. A look at the dashboards will reveal certain accessories such as cup holders to give the front seat passengers comfort when taking drinks while on the road. The arm rests on both cars are almost similar with the dodge having a slight edge over the Chrysler.

Fuel consumption is a common aspect of consideration for most car buyers. For that reason, every car manufacturer thinks critically about the fuel to mileage ratio when designing a car. These two minivans are both relatively great at mileage per gallon and it is perhaps the reason they have become so popular over the past few years. Other minivans that are also doing fairly well in the market include the Sienna and the Honda odyssey just to mention a few.

When it comes to comfort on the road as well as good road manners, both the minivans are good and perhaps the only thing that may make one decide on either is the personal preferences of the individual driver. As we get into the coming year, we should all keep our eyes on the lookout for any new features that both manufacturers will be bringing into the market.

Town and Country Vs Grand Caravan Pictures