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Top 5 Station Wagons to buy 2015

This article will guide you through the Best wagons 2015.There are not so many wagons on the roads today. Many drivers are crazy about crossovers and SUV. Still, there is a place for the wagon in the automobile market. A lot of well-versed drivers are fond of such kind of vehicles for it`s a comfortable, fuel-efficient and easy to handle car. It also represents a wonderful choice for a customer for its easy access to a cargo space. It will always remain relevant thanks to its appearance and utility. The majority of customers want to buy either inexpensive small wagons or the ones from the best automakers. So, below you can see Top 5 best 2015 station wagons.

The fist one is 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid

This vehicle doesn`t represent an ordinary wagon. It is somewhat between wagons and hatchbacks. It also has minivan vibe to it. But nevertheless, it has the same features the wagon does. If you compare it with a hatchback, you`ll see that it has more backseat space and cargo capacity. It`s much more than that. This vehicle is also in demand for its elevated driving position and high fuel economy (don`t forget, it`s a hybrid, after all).

The second one is 2015 Subaru Outback

Though this car will provide you with elevated driving position and more SUV-like appearance, it is still a wagon. Its cargo capacity is one of the best ones, and it is convenient to load something into the car thanks to its design. An excellent cabin, maximum safety and high fuel economy make this car one of the best wagons 2015.

Let`s proceed to luxury wagons.

The third one is 2015 BMW 3 Series

BMW returned after a short break and it has become even better. This brand is famous for its great performance and engaging handling. Furthermore, it`s quite fuel-efficient. Thanks to a four-wheel driving system, a beautiful interior, a relatively great cargo capacity and tradition-bound design, this vehicle stands out in the automobile market.


The fourth one is 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Once omnipresent, Mercedes is an endangered species nowadays. But their E-Class wagon is still being sold. This model offers you a four-wheel driving system and sedanlike handling. There is also a third-row seating. This will provide you with seven seats. It is one of the best awd luxury wagons 2015.

And finally, the fifth one is 2015 Volvo V60

It feels like a sport sedan and is quite fuel-efficient. This luxury wagon has a front-wheel driving system. Its cargo capacity is not so high as the one of the vehicles above, but we must say that this sporty wagon has its own versatility features. For example, it provides comfortable built-in child seats for your child. This vehicle is really amazing.

Now you have an idea of the best station wagons 2015. We hope this article will be useful for you, whether you are going to buy a car or are just curious.