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Technologies You Might See in Your Next Car

It wasn’t long ago that power windows and automatic door locks were considered luxuries. Today’s car owners don’t even think about those things, and in the near future many other electronic features will become standard in most cars. Below are some technologies you can expect to see standard in many new cars.


 There are two types of computer that have screens which are more and more frequent in new cars. First is the GPS screen which you use to find your way when you’re going somewhere new. GPS units are typically sold separately today, but new cars are often made with the GPS unit built into the dashboard. They also often have a rear camera that shows you what’s behind you when you’re backing up.

The second type of screen is for the kids in the back seats. DVD players are more and more common, and especially larger cars, like SUVs and minivans, are coming with screen built in to the ceiling of the car. The screen can then show a movie to the kids in the back seat so the parents can keep them transfixed for the ride.

Music Integration

 Rather than coming with a CD player, more and more cars simply have a way for you to plug your phone or MP3 player directly into the car stereo computer. Usually with a two way headphone jack, this allows you to keep all your music in one place instead of having to carry lots and lots of CDs. (Anyone remember having tape players in the car and having to sort through bulky cassettes?)

Charging Stations

 Similar to the features for playing music, charging stations are often set into the console between the two front seats. They allow you to plug in and charge your phone from the car battery. It used to be that the cigarette lighter was where you’d charge in the car, but those days also belong in the past.

Monitoring Between Cars and the Road

 Although this may sound like a science fiction future, it won’t be long before cars can communicate with each other and the road. The benefits will include fewer accidents as cars learn to avoid each other, and more information for drivers about traffic, accidents, and road conditions.

Lightweight Energy Storage in the Body

 And lastly, electric cars are in the future. Most likely they’ll keep their charge with body panels that charge quickly and store energy better than today’s batteries.

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