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You’re not going to mistake the Inteceptor for anything else, with those unique lines penned by Italian styling house Vignale. The Interceptor sounded as good as it looks, too, thanks to a Chrysler-sourced 6.3-litre V8 – later bumped up to ...

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When Ford came up with its Thunderbird ‘personal luxury car’, General Motors wanted a piece of the action. The result was the Riviera, which reached its styling zenith in 1971/72 with the boat-tailed Gran Sport. Worried that it might have ...

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Fiat X 1/9

Until the arrival of the Xl/9, if you wanted a mid-engined sportscar you had to have deep pockets. But when this pint-sized sportster appeared in 1972, it really put a cat among the pigeons. With a free-revving engine mounted in ...

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F hen Ford launched its Total Performance’ campaign in the 1960s, it got into motorsport in a big way. The idea was that it would lead to greater sales if customers knew just how capable Ford’s muscle cars were, which ...

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Ford Torino

Named after the Italian city of Turin, the Torino name was originally proposed for the Mustang – instead it was rolled out in 1968 for this mid-sized saloon and coupe. While most Torinos were pretty unexciting, Ford did offer something ...

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