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Lotus Europa 1967

Intended to be a car for Europe (hence the name), the Europa was radical for Lotus with its mid-engined layout; until now all of the marque’s cars had featured an engine in the nose. But while Lotus had put aerodynamics ...

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Lamborghini Countach

Over the years there have been dozens of jaw-dropping supercars, but not one of them has had the visual presence of the Countach. The most brutal supercar ever created – aesthetically and dynamically – the Countach was stylistically the work ...

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Plymouth Barracuda

The Barracuda was the result of Chrysler’s determination not to be left out of the ‘pony car’ market – although the model was launched in the same year as the Ford Mustang. Plymouth took its Valiant saloon, added unique bodywork ...

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Maserati Ghibli 1968

For some reason, think 1960s supercars and thoughts of Ferraris and Lamborghinis spring to mind. But there was another Latin marque producing amazing cars – Maserati. The Ghibli is arguably the most stylish car ever made by Maserati; it was ...

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The AC Ace was such a pretty sportscar, with its discreet curves and sweet six-cylinder engine. Then Carroll Shelby slotted in a 4727cc V8 to turn it into a complete animal – the Cobra. But he didn’t stop there, because ...

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