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When it comes to hairy-chested sportscars, the 3000 is like a toupee on wheels. The last model to come from Austin Healey before it shut up shop for good, the 3000, was the last in a line of gorgeously curvy ...

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Lotus Esprit

Anythingthat’s good enough to serve as transport for James Bond has to be pretty desirable; in the 1977 blockbuster The Spy Who Loved Me, Roger Moore got to drive the freshly-minted Lotus underwater, thanks to some distinctly non-standard features. Early ...

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Audi 100 S Coupe

Years before Audi became part of the mainstream, it built cars that were discreet, sporting and better built than pretty much anything else made outside Germany. It built those cars in small numbers, but that didn’t stop them from being ...

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While Europe was busy churning out one brilliant car after another, the Japanese were just finding their feet. In time the Japanese would call the shots, but when the 2000GT was unveiled in 1965, nobody took it seriously. What a ...

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Lancia Stratos

No car on the rally stage ever looked as dramatic as this one. Indeed, few road cars have ever looked this crazy; the Stratos took the wedge theme to extremes. Originally shown as a concept on the Bertone stand at ...

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