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Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

Nissan’s Skyline brand can be traced all the way back to 1955, when the cars were produced by Prince, which would later be absorbed into the Nissan-Datsun empire. It wouldn’t be until 1968 that the first GT-R would appear though, ...

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Ford GT40

Over the years there’s been no shortage of cars which have been claimed to be racers ready for the road, but in the case of the GT40 this was no mere marketing hype. Indeed, virtually none of the GT40s made ...

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Pontiac Trans AM

Throughout the 1960s, the Big Three American makers (Chrysler. Ford, GM) fitted ever bigger, ever more powerful engines to their muscle cars. Then the fuel crisis struck in 1973 and the US Government intervened; it ordered car makers to rein ...

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Aston Martin V8

All of Aston’s models now look as though they’ve melted in the sun, but there was a time when it created this brute of a grand tourer, with its rumbling V8 and menacing lines. And that was just the standard ...

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Citroen SM

Fast, rare, exotic and looking as though it’s landed from outer space: all ingredients which when combined, are guaranteed to produce something so cool, it hurts. Pain was certainly something many SM owners felt; perhaps Citroen should have called it ...

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