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Opel Manta A

Being the underdog can be very cool. After all. why choose the obvious option when there are alternatives that are under the radar but just as good? That’s how it was with the Manta. With Ford’s Capri flying out of ...

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Triumph GT6

Dubbed the poor man’s E-Type, thanks to its long bonnet and sporty hatch/coupe profile, the GT6 offered six-cylinder smoothness at an affordable price, while it was also compact and sporty. Far more than a mere hard-top Spitfire (which only ever ...

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Sunbeam Tiger

As a direct rival to the MGB, 1960s sports cars didn’t come much more innocuous than here. So when Carroll Shelby was let loose with the Alpine, to create the Tiger by shoehorning a Ford V8 into the nose, he ...

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When the Austin-Healey 3000 went out of production, BMC needed a new gutsy sports car. The solution the company came up with was to squeeze a 3-litre engine into the MGB bodyshell, creating the MGC. Offered in convertible or hatchback ...

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Lotus 7

When it came to minimalsim. it was hard to beat the Seven, which was supposedly sketched out by Colin Chapman on the back of a napkin. Despite its utter lack of creature comforts the car has always been hugely popular ...

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