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Porsche 356B

Although Ferdinand Porsche had designed several vehicles for other manufacturers, the 356 was the first car to be built that carried his own name. Despite it being derived from the Volkswagen Beetle, it was a brilliant driving machine in the ...

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Renault Alpine A110

he A110 power sliding on some rally I stage or other will come to mind – even though the marque was responsible for a whole raft of models, right up to the A610 of the 1990s, which would be the ...

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Daimler Double-Six Coupe

There’s something super-cool about pillarless coupes, but the configuration causes big headaches for those developing such cars, with refinement and sealing issues. That was certainly the case for the Daimler Double-Six coupe, which was a rebadged version of the Jaguar ...

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VOLVO 1800

Two-door coupe that looked impossibly suave and fast, but in reality its 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine wasn’t over-endowed with power. As a result, this is a car for cruising, rather than enjoying high-speed blasts. The 2.0-litre that came later provided a ...

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Rover SD1 Vitesse

When the Rover SD1 arrived in 1976. it was available solely with a 3.5-litre V8. The original hot version of this was called the V8-S. which evolved into the Vitesse. ny car that takes its styling inspiration from the Ferrari ...

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