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Forever Young: Corvette C4

In 1984, the fourth generation Corvettes were released on an unsuspecting public and the response was, to be fair, mind blowing. Everyone wanted one and In 1984 over 51,000 cars were produced. It was the car to have and the ...

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Back in Time: Ford Pick-up

Where were you in 1969? What were your dreams? If you wanted to have horsepower in those days, you were spoiled for choice. If you wanted Chevrolet you could get a Camaro, a Chevelle, a Corvette, Nova or even an ...

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Steve McQueen: The Greatest Chase Of All

Where were you in 1968? You might have opened up the movie section of the newspaper and read a review about the newly released movie BULLITT. One such review, by the National Observer said, “Whatever you have heard about the ...

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Muscle Car Toy Build

Well I’m sure the readers are glad that I am coming to the conclusion of this build. The journey was interesting to say the least and gave me the opportunity to use detailing tricks and techniques that I have not ...

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Angel Rust: Chevrolet Pick Up

It was on March 8,2013, that my husband surprised me with the green monster, a Chevrolet Pick-up. We had been scouring the market for awhie and found someone in Durban that was looking for a LDV so a swop was ...

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