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Symptoms of Bad o2 Sensor

The air to fuel ratio is very important for any running engine that uses combustion to generate energy. In the case of a vehicle, the ratio is determined by the oxygen sensor and that is where the regulation takes place. The fuel injection and smooth running of the engine will determine on how smooth the air flows into the combustion chamber and the ability for the air to mix well with the gasoline or diesel that comes into the same chamber from the nozzles.

With the above concept at the back of your mind, it is important to note that the oxygen sensor is at the heart of your engine’s optimal performance. Perhaps the first sign that many people notice when they have a bad oxygen sensor is the lack of enough torque when driving the vehicle. Because there is not enough energy generated due to the loss of gasoline or oxygen, the vehicle will suddenly become less powerful. This means that if you have to drive up a steep slope, you would need to rave your engine much harder to get up a steep hill than you would if the oxygen sensor was working at its best.

Some very common symptoms of bad o2 sensor include poor idling of the engine. When your vehicle has a very poor gasoline to air ratio, the roaring that comes from a running engine will be so uneven. As a matter of fact, some engines will roar as though they are about to grind to a halt. As a driver, you will easily notice that your car’s engine will not continue running smoothly if you do not kick gently at the gasoline pedal. A good engine easily runs for a long time even without your having to kick at the accelerator pedal.

There is a host of leads that run into the different combustion chambers of the vehicle’s engine. When some of the leads do not transmit enough voltage as necessary for the smooth running of the engine, the engine misfires so frequently. Under such circumstances, you will certainly notice that the vehicle starts smoking too much. You might need to replace the lead cables besides changing the oxygen sensors to reinstate the car to its optimal perfoamnce.