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Sunbeam Tiger

As a direct rival to the MGB, 1960s sports cars didn’t come much more innocuous than here. So when Carroll Shelby was let loose with the Alpine, to create the Tiger by shoehorning a Ford V8 into the nose, he created one of the greatest Q cars of all time. The problem was, he barely altered the car’s structure, so transmitting the V8’s prodigious torque to the Tarmac meant every drive was a white-knuckle ride. Still, what a way to go…

The only alterations that Shelby made to the basic structure of the Alpine was to lit rack-and-pinion steering and to tweak the rear suspension – and that was it.
Shelby used a Ford V8, but when the Rootes Group (and hence Sunbeam) was taken over by Chrysler, it wouldn’t use a rival’s powerplant, so it killed off the Tiger.