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Slanced Dodge Charger SRT8 pics

When it comes to Dodge’s legendary Charger nameplate, we’d rather stick to the classic musclecars. And that’s not because the new Charger can’t deliver enough HP, it’s just because we hate its additional rear doors. No four-door sedan should wear a Charger badge. Period!

On the other hand, Chrysler’s business isn’t our business, so there nothing we can do but keep you updated on anything new around the LX platform Charger. But today things are a bit different as we’re looking to introduce you to a unique-looking SRT8.

As you might have already noticed from the photo above, we’re talking about a stanced Dodge Charger. That’s something you don’t see every day and the guys over at Stance Nation say the stance treatment is not quite popular with the LX community.

However, the owner of this SRT8 reworked the car’s presence with an Universal Air suspension with BC coils, bespoke rear arms from Jay’s Hot Rods, and a set of 21-inch F130 wheels with mirror bronze barrels and titanium centers. He did a pretty good job if you ask us, but we’d like to hear you opinion in the comment section below.

Story via StanceNation