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Why You Should Never Drink and Drive

To anyone who’s had a few alcoholic drinks and then hit the dance floor, the following seems pretty obvious: alcohol can make you make stupid decisions. You become less inhibited, the music’s pumping, you’re suddenly more attractive, you’re busting those ...

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Best Racing Games ever for iPhone

There are many racing games that are available for iPhone. The app store in your phone will contain many games but you may not be sure on which ones to choose. Some of these apps are free to download while ...

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Technologies You Might See in Your Next Car

It wasn’t long ago that power windows and automatic door locks were considered luxuries. Today’s car owners don’t even think about those things, and in the near future many other electronic features will become standard in most cars. Below are ...

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How to Choose a Car for Women

If you think that all women are into pink Barbie cars, you’re terribly wrong. A lot of women like the same things about cars as men do: pick-up, maneuverability, looks, and gas mileage. However, depending on what the car is ...

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