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Lotus Esprit

Anythingthat’s good enough to serve as transport for James Bond has to be pretty desirable; in the 1977 blockbuster The Spy Who Loved Me, Roger Moore got to drive the freshly-minted Lotus underwater, thanks to some distinctly non-standard features. Early ...

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Lotus Europa 1967

Intended to be a car for Europe (hence the name), the Europa was radical for Lotus with its mid-engined layout; until now all of the marque’s cars had featured an engine in the nose. But while Lotus had put aerodynamics ...

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Lotus Elan

In the world of seminal cars, few left a bigger mark than the original Elan, which ever since its arrival in 1962 has been synonymous with delicious dynamics. Its light weight, sublime steering and delicate lines conspired to make the ...

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Lotus 7

When it came to minimalsim. it was hard to beat the Seven, which was supposedly sketched out by Colin Chapman on the back of a napkin. Despite its utter lack of creature comforts the car has always been hugely popular ...

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While Europe was busy churning out one brilliant car after another, the Japanese were just finding their feet. In time the Japanese would call the shots, but when the 2000GT was unveiled in 1965, nobody took it seriously. What a ...

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