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Sasha Grey participates in Russian rally on Lada Kalina

Motor rally on the domestic Russian car Lada Kalina, organized by motorists of Primorsky Territory, has started on May 17 with a central square of Vladivostok. Among the members of the expedition – a famous American actress and DJ Sasha Grey.

In the meantime, Sasha Grey has arrived in Russia to repeat the journey, committed in 2010 by Vladimir Putin. She was invited by automobile portal Drom.ru. In Russia the actress has mastered to drive “Lada Kalina” and played a DJ set at night club SHOOM in Vladivostok.

Route of the rally, which is attended by a number of vehicles, manufactured in Russia, will be free, with no accurate list of cities. The first column is to be stopped in Khabarovsk and finish of the rally will be in Moscow.

By the way, in Khabarovsk not all people are happy to see Sasha, informed the organizers of the run. If the male population is waiting for the girl with huge anticipation, then the fairer sex have no raptures about it.

Sasha Grey is also planning to visit Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Krasnodar and Moscow. In this case, the fee of American star for the events in Russian cities will be $500 million.

Test of cars, assembled in Russia, for the community of motorists in Vladivostok has become a tradition. To watch, in which cities passes a run, viewers will be able through the Internet

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