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Rolls-Royce and the World’s Most Expensive Hearse

When you think of Rolls-Royce, you probably think of luxury cars that are unaffordable to most people in the world. Now those people have a luxury hearse which can take them to their grave in style – and for a heavy price tag. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Hearse B12 is a custom Italian job by Biemme Special Cars. It has four doors, plus the rear hatch where just about any casket can fit. The car itself is three feet longer than normal hearses for a total of 23 feet long. This is a car that has to be seen to be believed.

Probably the most dramatic thing about the Phantom Hearse B12 is the incredible lighting in the back. Why be in the dark on your way to your final resting place? The LED lighting is high luminescent and illuminates the entire rear compartment where the coffin is held during transport.

The exterior is also pretty dramatic. It look like a Rolls from the front, with the signature large, rectangular grill in the center and the long, flat rectangular headlights. In fact, the front end of the car looks pretty much what you’d expect any Rolls-Royce to look like. It’s only once you get beyond the front door and window that you see that this is not a car for the living. The rear doors open backwards, like typical Rolls models that are built for luxury and to stand out in the field. But the extremely long body from front to rear wheels and the overhead compartment that signifies the look of all hearses tell you this is no normal car.

And how much will riding in style to your grave cost? This car is waiting for you for just €500,000, or $640,000. Actually, that’s just the expected price – don’t hold your breath because it could be much more. Biemme hasn’t announced a price yet.

Weird and wondrous, the rear part of the Phantom Hearse B12 is also unique among hearses for the large open windows that allow people to look in on the deceased. Naturally, these will have curtains that can be pulled shut, but the photos from the car maker are pretty dramatic. You’ve probably never thought much about hearses, but now you know how expensive the most expensive hearse in the world is.

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