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Plymouth Barracuda

The Barracuda was the result of Chrysler’s determination not to be left out of the ‘pony car’ market – although the model was launched in the same year as the Ford Mustang. Plymouth took its Valiant saloon, added unique bodywork and options and there it was – its own Mustang, which proved a smash hit. To spice things up, in 1970. Plymouth turned the Barracuda into one of the finest examples of American muscle and called it the ‘Cuda – which ruled the streets as well as the drag strip.

There was a Barracuda for everyone; by 1970 there was a 145bhp entry-level straight-six, while for performance junkies there was a 7.2-litre Hemi V8

When the Barracuda was being developed, Plymouth executives wanted to name It the Panda. Had they done so, it probably wouldn’t be in these pages now…