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Most Popular Hybrid Cars 2013

This year’s best selling hybrid cars may or may not be a surprise to most people who like hybrids. There are some obvious front runners and those that we’d expect to be back of the pack. But the fact is that overall popularity of hybrid cars is growing. More models and options on the market give consumers a lot to look forward to. Not only do they have more choices, a range of prices, and improved technologies, but this diversification is also sure to lead to more and better innovations.

 Not surprisingly, the top two most popular hybrid cars for 2013 so far have been the Toyota models we see most commonly. The Toyota Prius, with it’s unique design and name recognition, is still outstripping all other hybrid cars in their annual sales. The Toyota Camry Hybrid ranks a distant second, but firmly keeps Toyota in the top two nonetheless.

Toyota Prius2013-toyota-camry-hybrid

So it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that Lexus’ CT Hybrid is the third most popular hybrid car. Perhaps the fact that it is a luxury car but sells for only a few hundred dollars more than the fourth most popular car, the Chevy Volt, plays a role. Why buy a Chevy when you can have a Lexus for a couple hundred more dollars? Of course, many people are deciding on the Chevy anyway, perhaps because it’s a plug-in hybrid and can get up to 98mpg when run primarily on the electric motor.

2011-chevrolet-volt lexus-ct200h

The fifth most popular hybrid car is the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Hyundai has done a lot to beef up their image, emphasizing their low prices and a dedication to quality which buyers seem to be eating up.

hyundai sonata hybrid

Behind those five, Lexus makes another killing with their RX Hybrid, then the Kia Optima Hybrid rolls in at number 7. Nobody can explain the Lexus’ popularity, as it only gets about 30 mpg and is much more expensive than any of the other top selling hybrids. You can get a non-hybrid that’s got better fuel mileage.

lexus-rx-450h-hybrid 2013 kia optima hybrid

The eighth and ninth spots are claimed by Honda, who you’d expect to be a bit higher ranked considering the dependability of the Honda brand in general. The Civic Hybrid ranks slightly higher than the Honda Insight, one of the cheapest options in top selling hybrid cars.


Finally, at number ten, the Ford Fusion Hybrid manages to make the list. But watch this car climb in coming years due to the excellent fuel mileage at 47 mpg.


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