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When the Austin-Healey 3000 went out of production, BMC needed a new gutsy sports car. The solution the company came up with was to squeeze a 3-litre engine into the MGB bodyshell, creating the MGC. Offered in convertible or hatchback forms, the heavy engine and poorly chosen chassis settings wrecked the C’s handling – resulting in negative press that made the cars tough to sell. As a result the С was pulled after just a year, but fixes are easy and the С makes a great high-power alternative toan MGB.

Ultimately, the С would be replaced byaV8-enginedB which was faster, smoother and better to drive, but it came in hatchback GT form only, unlike the C.

Visually, few people can tell the difference between a В and a C; the latter has a hump in its bonnet. The С is much swifter and smoother than a В though…