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Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300

Mercedes-Benz Unimog was conceived as a military vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz U1300L is a small vehicle, but has the advantage – in a high mobility and universality.Due to powerful engines , transmissions multistage , blocking all differentials , special chassis strength , spring suspension wheels with wide tires, low center of gravity , these machines have high permeability , maneuverability and reliability.Car Mercedes Unimog has been designed with permanent all-wheel drive with the wheels of the same size to drive on roads at higher speeds than standard tractors . ” Unimog ” have a high ground clearance and a flexible frame, which is part of the suspension , so not suitable for transporting large quantities of cargo , unlike conventional trucks.

Technical Specifications Mercedes Unimog U1300L
Length 5600 mm
Width 2300 mm
Height 2630 mm

Ground clearance, mm 440
Wet weight, 4.900 kg
Full allowable weight, 7.500 kg
Approach angle, 46 degrees
Departure angle, 51 degrees
Wheelbase mm 3250

OM 352 six-cylinder turbocharged diesel and water-cooled
The volume of the cylinder, 5.7 liter
Capacity, ls. / Rpm 130/2800
Torque, Nm / rpm 400/1700
Fuel tank capacity, l 160

Fully synchronized reverse gearbox with 8 forward speeds and 8 reverse gears, easy change of direction, high speed reverse. Self-adjusting hydraulic single-plate dry clutch, maintenance-free.

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