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In the 1980s, conspicuous wealth was the order of the day, and what better way to demonstrate how much moolah you had than by cruising about in this coupe version of the S-Class saloon? Packing every possible luxury available at the time, the 560SEC was the most expensive edition of all, and the most highly equipped. With its 5,6-litre V8 in the nose, there was 300bhp at the driver’s disposal – enough to take the car to a 156mph top speed.

All SECs came equipped withaV8, of anywhere between 3.8 and 5.6 litres. Things got even fruitier with its successor, the CL, which was offered with a V12

The baddies in TV cop shows like Miami Vice were often seen in very conspicuous bodykitted AMG-tuned SECs, In those days, AMG was independent of Mercedes.