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Lotus Elan

In the world of seminal cars, few left a bigger mark than the original Elan, which ever since its arrival in 1962 has been synonymous with delicious dynamics. Its light weight, sublime steering and delicate lines conspired to make the lovely Lotus fast, efficient and so good to drive that it should be available on prescription. With its plastic bodywork and raspy rev-happy engines, the Elan set a template that would be followed for decades after – but we’ll never see its like again because of safety regulations and consumers’ demands for ever more equipment and comfort. Shame.

The original Elan was rear-wheel drive, but Lotus introduced a Iront-wheel drive edition in 1989-and proved that power to the Irontcan still provide huge fun.

Although most Elans were supplied as two-seater roadsters, some were made in соирё form, while laterthere would also be a 2+2. offered in hard-top form only.