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Ken Block Parody – Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana

Born on 21st November 1967 California U.S.A, Ken Block is a professional rally driver currently working with the Hoonigan Racing Division. The forty five year old, six foot tall rally driver debuted in Rally America in 2004 and has since grown to be among the renown rally drivers in the world.

Ken Block began his rallying career in 2004 using a Subaru WRX STi to race. His first event of this kind was called Sno*Drift where he finished seventh position overall. At the end of 2005 Ken Block had won the Rally America award for Rookie of the year.

Travis Pastrana and Ken Block renewed their sponsorship agreement in 2006 with Subaru and the team was soon crowned ‘Subaru Rally Team USA.’ It is during this season that Ken Block got his new Vermont Sports Car Subaru WRX STi (prepped 2006). He competed in two races that year the first being X Games XII where he finished third to win the bronze medal. Come the second event, the 2006 Rally America National Championship (RANC) Ken Block was able to finish in second place overall.

2007 hosted the X Games XIII Rally event where Ken Block competed and emerged second place to win silver. Competing in the 2007 RANC race Block finished in third place. He was involved in more racing activities that year as he entered several rounds of the World Rally Championship and Rally New Zealand. At the end of this year Ken had garnered eight victories in various rally events, 19 podiums and was recorded among the top five stage times in the group N class of the Rally New Zealand.

The next year began with a newly prepped 2008 Subaru WRX STi. He raced the Canadian Rally Championship to gain a feel of the new car while preparing for the World Rally Championships later on in the year.

Events of 2009 recorded Ken Block’s appearance in Top Gear (a renown motoring show). The same year Ken filmed Gymkhana 2 which went viral.

In the first week of the next year Monster World Rally team announced their driver, Ken Block, for the World Rally Championship using the Ford Focus. A year later Ken Block and his co-driver rolled in their Ford Fiesta RS WRC in the 2011 Rally de Portugal (Faro Portugal). They were both rushed to hospital where they fully recovered.

This year has started well for the American rally driver. In his first competition of the year, the Mexican Rally, Block achieved a great result being among the top-ten in this event to finish at the 7th position overall.

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