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Ken Block: A 2013 Interview with the Racing Star

The likes and dislikes of many stars are of interest to anybody with a heart for what the superstars do to entertain the world. One such piece of news is about Ken Block, the American rally driver who operates a Ford with Gymkhana sponsorship. He recently interviewed with a motoring website where he poured his heart on his particular predilections, including the car he likes best! The following are sectional approaches to these questions and how he answered them.

His Favorite Vehicle Ever
Prior to the current Ford Fiesta that is yet to test the waters on the road, the favorite automobile that Ken Block has ever had is the Ford F150 Raptor. Its make is not just what counts in his preference but the fact that it can perform the following actions:
Its suspension helps him to move over the snowy backyard on the rough terrain of his hilly homeland, when relaxing.
It also has the feel of a racing automotive since its braking system automatically resets itself while at top speed to prevent disaster due to its weight transferring power.
Of course, once he begins racing on his new motor, the above preference may change.

His Pastime
When he is not contesting by his fuel-guzzling machines, Ken Block switches to the sport of table tennis. Many of his official photos are awash with him engaged in this game. Sources show that he usually partakes of his dinner at the playing table, just to have a fix at the game.

What If He Could Swap his Sport?
If Ken Block would have to transfer to another racing environment, say motorsport, he would miss the following elements of his current rally days:
The aggressiveness that he has to use to negotiate the motor over off-road and other rough terrains.
The precise gear-application and other specific driving intuitions that rally driving demands.

In the aforementioned interview, he mentions that he would not swap his current sport for motorsport because the latter lacks the aggressiveness of the former, though it is precise. He also mentions the rounds one has to make in such a race in the same stadium-like platform. Still, he has the qualities that would make such a swap as successful as his present sport because he has the precision.

Thus, the above is just a list of what Ken Block does when off the racing road. His favorite pastimes include playing table tennis and going on mountainside cruises on his four-wheel vehicle. Currently, the star is preparing to race on his new vehicle from Ford that came out this year.

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