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It’s unfair on all those other car makers out there to include the E-Type in any book on desirable, beautiful, fast or ood cars, because it’s guaranteed to get into the top 10 every time. Usually the top three! But in a bid to ensure that we’re not too predictable, we’ve slotted it in a bit lower down the table, because while the E-Type is undeniably cool, it’s also a bit obvious After all. stick an E-Type on any piece of road, and anything else around it will just disappear into the background, what with all those sensuous curves and all that chrome. Then there’s that bonnet, which is unfeasibly long, taking up around half of the car’s length: you just don’t get proportions like this any more.

One of the most evocative cars ever created, the E-Type is on just about anry car nut’s wish 1st – and why wouldrV t it be? It’s got the looks the image, the performance and the heritage to deliver on every promise it makes. It’s no wonder values have gone skywards in recent years – everybody wants to own one.