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Is Road Rage A Criminal Offense?

Road rage is not really a criminal offense by law. The acts that constitute road rage however will lead to criminal charges and if convicted, you certainly face penalties ranging from jail terms to fines among many others. For a better understanding of the term road rage, it is good to look at the genesis of this term. It is believed that this term became popular in the 1980 somewhere in California when aggrieved drivers on the roadway argued and became so temperamental that they ended up in gun drama leading to death.

Since this incident that happened these many decades back, the term road rage has been used to describe hosts of unwelcome and antisocial behavior among drivers that lead to anger and even injury to the people involved. Naturally, many people try to express their disgust at drivers who do not keep to the traffic code or simply do not drive professionally to enhance road safety. Sometimes the expression of disgust at a wayward driver is received by similar disgust from the said driver leading to lots of unforeseen reactions and counter reactions.

If you are so keen on finding an answer to the question: is road rage a criminal offense? You should take time to look back into the history of cases relating to road rage. Many people have faced different counts in courts of law relating to acts that can be attributed to road rage. Judging by the outcomes of such cases, it is very easy to notice that a person facing such charges should always treat the charges very seriously because many have ended up in custody after losing. A common mistake that many people make is to admit guilt thinking the jury will understand that you were provoked into acting the way you did.

If you get involved in acts that can be classified as rage, do not make a mistake of admitting liability. It is prudent to talk to your lawyer so that you get a chance to evaluate the situation before deciding on whether or not to plead guilty. The attorney can check out then facts and decide on the best way out of the fix or even if admitting guilt could get you a lighter sentence.