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Is Automatic To Manual Transmission Conversion Real?

With most of the new cars coming with automatic transmission systems in place, many drivers have come to realize that manual transmission vehicles are more reliable than the automatic vehicles. This is because the automatic transmission vehicles tend to develop problems especially if they carry too much load. Once the automatic transmission gearbox fails, vehicle owners say the problem never seems to get completely resolved unless by completely replacing the automatic transmission gear box with a manual transmission one.

Automatic to manual transmission conversion is a project that requires some level of mechanical engineering knowledge. Because many people have converted from automatic to manual transmission, mechanics who undertake such projects give several accounts of the successes they have achieved when transforming such vehicles. Before you embark on the conversion project, it is advisable to understand the technical specifications that you need in place to make the project successful.

For starters, it is very important to understand that the conversion will no doubt involve a complete opening up of the vehicle’s engine, the dash board and in some cases the front wheels depending on the position of the gear box. With this kind of manual labor, a mechanic should have the right technical knowledge to handle such kind of work without the fear of causing damage through negligence or use of wrong tools. The process of pulling out the gear box should start by gathering the right tools for the job. These tools may include but not limited to wrench and spanners, pliers, screw drivers and calipers and an assortment of workshop tools such as jacks and hoists for better working environment.

To make sure you can easily position the transmission cable correctly, you will probably have to rip apart the dashboard as well. It is equally worth pointing out that the gear lever will have to be changed considering their differences as compared to the existing automatic button. Once you have opened up the dashboard and had the new manual gearbox fitted, you should close the entire engine so that no one can have a chance to witness the process.

Looking at the design of the automatic transmission system, some vehicles may require that you fabricate some plates to cover up the big hole that will be left by the removal of the automatic gearbox. There is many other wiring as well as sensors that will not be necessary when you fit a manual transmission gearbox. You should make sure you remove them all. Things such as the lever will need to be removed and the place properly shaped-up to fit the new lever perfectly well.