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Hit The Road With International CXT!

If you want to make a statement on the road, consider International CXT as this model is one of the biggest trucks in the history of pickups. The creators of the vehicle took off the trailer and created an impressive pickup truck for those who appreciate really big cars.

The 7300 chassis and DT 466 diesel engine make this heavy duty truck pull even 20 tons. The drive system is equipped with four wheels. The International CXT price starts from $120,000.

Nowadays International CXt pickup truck for sale is extremely popular among clients who want to be noticed and respected in the city. The enormous size and impressive style of the car definitely stand out and even classic Hummers seem to be a small toy in comparison to the International CXT.

Outstanding Design

In terms of the design, we trace the same tendencies found in all big rigs of International series including the front and sparkling grille intersected by several bars. The lines of the truck are aerodynamic, the hood is raked in order to lower the coefficient drag and create an appropriate view for the driver.

The craggy image of the car is enhanced by muscular front fenders while the dynamic touch is created by sharp headlights and bumper equipped with fluid lines. The exterior of the cabin is vigorous with its straight lines presenting angular forms.

The interior of such a rough brutal car is surprisingly sophisticated and after climbing up to your cab you will find yourself in a luxurious place.

Five people can enjoy their journey in the International CXT as it has two front cozy seats and an incredible bench seat. It is genuine that passengers can easily come from the second row to the bucket seats and the car interior is so spacious that you do not have to lean.

Take a delight to drive this truck in the deep comfortable seat which you can adjust to the most appropriate position for you. The ergonomically designed steering wheel wrapped in leather is also adjusted, enhancing your pleasure from comfortable and secure driving.

Technical Features

Needless to add, that high position for the driver makes the whole road visible as you have plain view and excellent visibility angle. The controllers G-2 Electro-Hydraulic injectors which are controlled digitally are installed in order to constrict emissions and amend the efficiency of fuel.

The producers advanced the engine and equipped the vehicle with 4 valves per cylinder in order to low emission and amend breathing. Consider that International CXT gas mileage requires from 8 to 10 miles/ gallon. It can’t be treated as a perfect option for environment but it guarantees safe and comfortable riding during long trips.