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What to Do After a Minor Car Accident

Many people get involved in minor accidents that they simply talk their way out of or simply make agreements with the others involved and it ends up right there. When you have such an incident on the road that leads ...

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What Is Dry Sump?

Dry sump is a terminology used to define an engine system that does not rely on an oil tank that resides right beneath the crank shaft. In such engine systems, the engine oil that lubricates and runs the engine is ...

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What does Saab Biopower mean?

Advancing technology is really improving lives everywhere. About a decade ago, the mention of green energy elicited debates about the practicality of driving on green fuel. Today, in some countries like Brazil, fuel efficient cars as well as those operating ...

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Symptoms of Bad o2 Sensor

The air to fuel ratio is very important for any running engine that uses combustion to generate energy. In the case of a vehicle, the ratio is determined by the oxygen sensor and that is where the regulation takes place. ...

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Is Road Rage A Criminal Offense?

Road rage is not really a criminal offense by law. The acts that constitute road rage however will lead to criminal charges and if convicted, you certainly face penalties ranging from jail terms to fines among many others. For a ...

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