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Sasha Grey’s first car

Volvo 240 still rings bells in the minds of many motor enthusiasts because of its unbeatable durability. Being famous and most selling vehicle of the Volvo family, the model has interacted with many celebrities including actress and model, Sasha Grey. ...

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Buying a Hydrogen Car Kit- Do They Even Work?

The answer is straight up, yes, they do. There are various tools and kits in the market to reduce fuel consumption. The car hydrogen kit offers one of the simplest ways to ensure fuel efficiency. Though there are various popular ...

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Where to buy Hydrogen Car Kit

If you want to know where to buy a hydrogen car kit, then you have come to the right place. In a world where fuel is an indispensable source of energy to power our vehicles and cope with soaring oil ...

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How a spark-plug works

A spark-plug produces an electric arc, referred to as a “spark”, which ignites the fuel/air mixture in an engine’s combustion chambers. Spark-plugs are made up of a metal rod, called an electrode, passing through the centre of a ceramic insulator. ...

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Additional Car Noise isolation

Car noise refers to the sound vibrations produced by a car when the vehicle engine is running. There are different reasons for car noise ranging from poor noise isolation by automotive manufacturing companies to aging of the vehicle.

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