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Delorean owners association

Anyone that went to a movie theater in the eighties most likely knows it takes exactly 88 mph to get a DeLorean sports coupe (with a few minor adjustments) to achieve time travel. Anyone who remembers the sleek silver and ...

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Turbocharging or supercharging?

Turbochargers and superchargers are two methods for achieving forced induction. In other words, pressurising air before it enters the engine’s combustion chambers (cylinders) in order to provide a greater mass of oxygen. The whole point of this is to increase ...

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Who is John Delorean

American automotive executive and most notably, founder of the DeLorean Motor Company, John DeLorean had a dream, a stainless steel bodied sports car!

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Turbo-kit for your CAR

To most people, turbo kits invoke images of loud and very fast sports cars. They often think that the unit only kicks in, or is necessary, when you want to go faster. While this is the primary function, there are ...

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What is Wheel alignment

The vehicle industry has developed rapidly over the past ten years. The automobiles manufactured today are among the safest to ever have been driven in history. These vehicles are fitted with impressive pieces of technology including anti-lock brakes, drive by ...

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