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How to Correctly Install Child Car Seats

The safety of child when travelling will to agreat extent determined by the child car seat installed in the car. The seat will restrain the child from making unnecessary movements in the car that can lead to injuries. The seat will also ensure that the child is held in position in case the car is involved in an accident. Installing the child car seats can be a challenge to you if you have never done it before. However, there are various state departments that can advise you on how to do it including; hospitals, local health agencies and law enforcements among others. The process of installing child car seats is very simple. Here are some of the steps you are supposed to follow in order to install the seats in the best way.

Read the manual that came with the seat

The manual will have information about the steps that are supposed to be followed and the things that should be avoided in the installation process. You will also need to read the car manual. The car manual will have information about the seat belts installed in the car and how they are supposed to be in the car.

Install the seat in the back seat

In many car models, the child seat will fit well in the back seat. The back seat is safer since there is less impact there. Place the child seat in the middle of the seat. However, you should note that, some car models will require you to fix the child seat on one side or the other. This is why you should always read the car manual.

Place the infant seat facing the rear of the car

If your child is 1 year old or less, you are supposed to install the child seat facing the rear side of the car since it is the fastest position. The other seats such as booster seats are supposed to be placed facing forward.

Tighten the seat belt of the car

You are supposed to tighten the seat belt of the car through the belt path on the seat belt. You should also keep on readjusting the seat in case it moves more than an inch in any direction.

Ensure that then seat is tight always

Before driving, you should ensure that the child seat is tight and inclined in an angle that is not more than 45 degrees. You should also ensure that all locks are restrained.

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