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How to Choose a Radar Detector

Radar detectors vary widely from state to state and brand to brand. You may think that it doesn’t matter which type you buy, as long as it’s a good brand and works correctly. But that’s not the case. It turns out that every single city, state, and federal law enforcement agency uses a different kind of speed detection system. It’s not like there’s one brand of radar gun used across the country. And there are now all those radar systems that function automatically, like red light photo radar and speed cameras. Each system works slightly differently, and that means that not all radar detectors work for each and every system that can catch you speeding. Also on our website you can read about the radar detector laws in your state.

GPS Enabled Radar

One feature that can help you to distinguish between useful and obsolete radar detectors is the GPS feature. GPS radar detectors protect you from more types of radar than non-GPS radar. Plus, they can actually tell you how fast you’re going and whether or not you’re driving over the local speed limit. That means that if you’re spacing out and driving too fast, even if you don’t mean to be, the radar detector will let you know. Even if you’re not being scanned by radar, you can avoid speeding with a GPS radar detector. They’ll also alert you if you’re traveling too fast towards a red light.

Compatibility with Smartphones

 Surprise, surprise, you can also integrate your radar detector with smartphones by using smartphone applications. Both iOS and Android have apps that can alert you to law enforcement speed traps or checks in the area, usually posted by other users of the same app. You can also have the alerts sent to your smartphone via bluetooth, so the radar detector itself doesn’t need to be on the dashboard or visible at all.

Other Features

 Do yo want your radar detector to be cordless, corded, or remote-mounted? Cordless sounds nice, and they can be used in multiple cars without hassle. Corded tend to have better range, and remote-mounted radar detectors can be put anywhere in the car and are installed once. City mode can reduce the number of false alarms, which can be caused by alarm systems in buildings you drive by. Digital voice alerts can give you precise information out loud rather than just a beep or a visual display that you might not notice.

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